Advantages of Malaysia Company Registration

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Advantages/ Benefits of Malaysia Company Registration:

1. Set up with a paid-up capital of RM2.5 million or less and enjoy a preferential tax rate of 20% for the first RM500K of chargeable income.

2. With Malaysia company (Sdn Bhd) entity, the directors will be deemed as employees. They will be allowed to draw salaries to the normal statutory deductions such as EPF & SOCSO.

3. Compensation package that includes benefits such as a company car, driver & handphone can be structured and is taxed at a preferential amount.

4. Malaysia company (Sdn. Bhd) is a limited liability company. As such the risk to the shareholder is limited to the amount of capital injected into the company. 

5. At least one shareholder is enough with no nationality limit.


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