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Malaysia Regional Office is an office established by foreign company in Malaysia, which is same with Malaysia Representative Office, Malaysia Regional Office is not allowed to carry out any commercial activities as it is only permitted to perform designated tasks given by its head office.

Regional Office in Malaysia is to be completely funded from sources outside Malaysia. It is not required to incorporate Malaysia Regional Office under the Companies Act 1965 / New Companies Act 2016. However, the setting up of a Regional Office requires the approval by the Malaysia Government.

Malaysia Regional Office is an office of a foreign company/organization that serves as the coordination center for the company’s/ organization affiliates, subsidiaries and agents in South-East Asia and the Asia Pacific.  The Regional Office in Malaysia is responsible for the designated activities of the company/organization within the region it operates.

Setting up Malaysia Regional Office allows all foreign-based companies that are new to Malaysia to have a presence in Malaysia for a maximum of five years together with their expatriates to explore potential business opportunities in Malaysia.

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