Malaysia Representative Office (RO)

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Malaysia Hotline : +603-2141 8908

Malaysia RO can be either Malaysia Representative Office or Malaysia Regional Office. The setting up of Malaysia RO depends on the nature of business intended to be carried out and the geographical serving within and around Malaysia.

Malaysia RO does not undertake any commercial activities as its operation is to be completely funded from sources outside Malaysia. Malaysia RO can only represents its head office to perform designated functions such as marketing and event.

Difference between Malaysia Representative Office and Malaysia Regional Office:

- A Representative Office in Malaysia is approved to collect and compile relevant information on investment opportunities in Malaysia, particularly in the sector of manufacturing and services. Malaysia Representative Office develops bilateral trade relations, promotes the export of Malaysian goods and services and carry out Research and Development.

- A Regional Office in Malaysia is approved to act as the coordination center and carry out designated tasks for the company’s affiliates, subsidiaries and agents in South East Asia and also the Asia Pacific regions. The Malaysia Regional Office is responsible for the designated activitites of the company or organization within the region it operates.

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