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Malaysia Hotline : +603-2141 8908


The Malaysia RO (Malaysia Representative/Regional Office) is not allowed to have any business transaction nor derive any income from its operations.

An approved Malaysia RO is allowed to carry out the following activities:

  • Planning or coordinating business activities
  • Compiling or analyzing information or undertaking feasibility studies on business and investment opportunities in Malaysia and the region.
  • Identifying sources of raw materials, components or other industrial products
  • Undertaking Research and Product Development
  • Playing the role of coordination centre for the corporation’s affiliates, subsidiaries or agents in the region
  • Undertaking any other activities which will not result directly to any commercial transactions

An approved Malaysia RO is NOT allowed to carry out the following activities:

  • Engaged in any form of trading (including export and import), business or commercial activity
  • Lease warehousing facilities (Any shipment / transshipment or storage of goods shall be handled by local agent or distributor)
  • Sign any business contract on behalf of the foreign corporation or provide any service with a service fee
  • Take part in the daily management of any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or branches in Malaysia.

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