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The Companies Act stated that before a company or company name change is registered, the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs or the Registrar of Companies must approve the name or the new name of the company respectively accordingly.

The General Principles And Characteristics Of Names Which Can Be Considered As Company’s Name

(a) Names shall use the correct language and spelling.

(b) If a name contains words other than the Malay or English Languages, the meaning of such words must be given.

(c) Names which are not blasphemous or likely to be offensive to members of the public.

(d) Names which do not resemble elements of religion.

(e) Certain names which are not too general, for example “Good Sdn. Bhd.” or “Pretty Sdn. Bhd.”.

(f) The usage of individual names shall be from the names of the directors to be named in the Memorandum or Articles of Association. However, individual names can be considered if such names are from the names of immediate family members of the director or promoter, for example, the names of children, father, wife, grandfather or grandmother. Proof of family relationship must be given. If the name of the company is from the individual name of a group of companies in existence, consent letter must be obtained from the group of companies which have such individual names.

(g) State the meaning of the created words.

(h) Company name is not an acronym that can be used to mislead as the name of a multi-national company such as PNB, ICI, IBM.

(I)  Malaysia company name can be registered in either English or Malay.

(J) A limited company shall have "Berhad" or the abbreviation "Bhd." as part of and at the end of its name.

(K) A private company shall have the word "Sendirian" or the abbreviation "Sdn." as part of its name, inserted immediately before the word "Berhad" or before the abbreviation "Bhd." or in the case of an unlimited company, at the end of its name.

(L) SDN is the abbreviation for Sendirian, meaning private whereas BHD is the abbreviation for Berhad, meaning limited. SDN. BHD refers to “Private Limited” whereas Berhad generally refers to “Public Limited Company”.

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