Advantages of Malaysia Private Limited Company

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A Malaysia Private Limited Company is the most common company form in Malaysia. The shares of a private limited company are not available for general public to buy and sell on a recognised stock exchange. The company is owned by shareholders and enjoy of “limited liability” which means that the maximum lose amount will ONLY equal to the amount they invested in shares.

Advantages of Malaysia Private Limited Company:

a) Limited Liabilities - If the company experiences financial distress because of normal business activity, the shareholders will not risk their personal assets being seized by creditors.

b) Continuity of existence of business - The business will not be affected by the status of the company owners.

c) The minimum number of shareholders required to incorporate the company is only one. There is no nationality restriction on the shareholders.

d) More capital can be raised since the maximum number of shareholders is 50.

e) Higher scope of expansion since it is easier to raise capital from financial institutions and the advantage of limited liability.

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