Established a Representative Office in Malaysia

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1. What is the Malaysia Representative Office?

The Representative Office is the office of a foreign company in Malaysia. The main purpose is to collect information related to investment opportunities in Malaysia to strengthen bilateral trade relations, whether in goods, services or research and development. The representative office needs to be approved by the relevant government departments before it can be established.

2. What Activities Can The Representative Office Carry Out?

An approved office is designed to perform the following permitted activities for its

Headquarters or client:

i) Collect and analyze important information or study the feasibility of investment and business opportunities in Malaysia and the region;

ii) Plan or coordinate business activities;

iii) Confirm the source of raw materials, components or other industrial products;

iv) Do research and product development;

v) As the focal point for the head office, subsidiaries and agents of the head office in the country;

vi) Other activities that do not directly lead to actual commercial transactions.

3. What Activities Can't The Representative Office Do?

i) Engage in any trade (including import and export), business or any form of commercial activity;

ii) Lease storage facilities; any cargo shipment/transportation or storage should be handled by your local agent or dealer;

iii) Signing a business contract or providing a fee-based service on behalf of a foreign company;

iv) Daily management of any subsidiary, affiliate or branch of the company in Malaysia.

4. What Qualifications Do You Need For A Representative Office?

i) The proposed operating expenses of Representative Office must be at least RM300, 000 per year.

ii) Funds of Representative Office should be provided from outside Malaysia.

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