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Malaysia Copyright Protection

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Malaysia copyright protection 

It allows people to notify their works to the government in order to protect it under Copyright Act 1987 and avoid others to use it for the other purpose without the consent of the owner.

What is Malaysia Copyright?

Based on the Copyright Act 1987, copy refers to a reproduction of a work in written form, in the form of a recording or fill, or in any other material form. Copyright is one form of the intellectual property which is the legal right given to the copyright’s owner for a specific time period. All the copyrights are registered and protected under Copyright Act 1987.

What can be protected under Malaysia Copyright?

Normally, there are few works which are eligible for the copyright protection in Malaysia:

1. Literary works;

2. Musical works;

3. Artistic works;

4. Sound Recordings;

5. Broadcasts;

6. Films;

7. Derivative works.

Moreover, the copyright protection can only be applicable to any expression form of an idea or information.

Who can apply for Copyright?

Any person, whether Malaysian citizen or foreigner, who is the owner or creator of the works who will be eligible to notify for Malaysia copyright protection.

What are the legal rights of Copyright Owners?

If the owner has been successfully applied for Malaysia copyright registration and own the copyright, the following are the legal rights can be controlled by the owner of the copyright according to the Copyright Act 1987:

1. The reproduction of the works in any form;

2. The showing, performing or playing to the public;

3. The communication to the public;

4. The commercial rental to the public;

5. The distribution of copies to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership.

How long is the Protection Period of Malaysia Copyright?

After succeeded from Malaysia copyright registration, the protection period of the registered works is the whole life of the owner plus an extra 50 years after the holder death.

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