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UK Trademark Registration

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The legal basis of the UK trademark law is the Trademark Law 1994. The United Kingdom is a member of the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol. UK trademark protection includes Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland), Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the British Indian Ocean, but does not include Ireland and the Channel Islands. In the UK, in addition to general merchandise trademarks and service marks, collective marks, certification marks and series of trademarks can be applied for registration, and a trademark application can specify multiple categories.


Conditions for the Registration of UK Trademarks

Application for registration as a trademark symbol must be significant, that is able to distinguish their products or services with others to provide the product or service area.


Words, designs, letters, numbers, product shapes or their packaging may be registered in the UK as trademarks, but certain marks may not be registered (Trademark Law 1994, Articles 3 - 8), including:


• offensive signs, such as pornographic images;

• A purely descriptive mark that merely describes the characteristics of the relevant product or service;

• misleading signs;

• too common signs, not significant, etc.;

• is a generic name in the business sector;

• Signs with special protection such as the national flag.


Requirement for UK Trademark Registration

1.      Trademark search/registration form (provided by Tannet).

2.      A sample of trademarks in JPEG format.

3.      The goods or services used in the designation of the trademark (according to the Nice International        Classification Table)

4.      A copy of the applicant's identification document (a copy of the business license is provided at the time of application, and a copy of the personal ID card and a business license of the individual business owner with the individual as the person in charge) .


Procedures of UK Trademark Registration

1.      Application

An application for trademark registration in the UK can be done in paper form or online. Online application fees are lower. Application form, trademark pictures or photos must be submitted at the time of application. In addition to filing directly with the UKIPO, applicants can also register in the UK through the Madrid Trademark Registration or the Paris Convention Trademark Registration.


2.      Review and Consent

The applicant will receive a review report within 20 days after submitting the application, and the report will indicate whether the application meets the registration requirements. The content of the review includes the classification of the product or service is correct, the trademark is significant, and whether there are prior rights. If there is no problem with the application, the inspector will accept the application. If there is a problem with the application, the applicant must correct or amend it within 2 months, otherwise the inspector will not agree to the application. If you disagree with the inspector’s opinion, the applicant may request an ex parte hearing from the inspector. Those who disagree with the final decision of the unilateral hearing may appeal to the High Court of England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the High Court of Scotland.


3.      Openness and Dissent

If the application is approved by the inspector, it will be published in the trademark journal. Anyone can file an opposition within 2 months from the date of publication. If another person raises an objection and the applicant decides to continue to apply for registration, the UKIPO will conduct an inter parte hearing, including a procedure hearing, a case management meeting, and a dispute hearing. If the results of the hearing are not accepted, the applicant may appeal.


4.      Registration

After two months, no objection or opposition is not established, the inspector will issue a certificate of registration and registered in the Register of Trademarks. The registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application for registration, and can be renewed continuously. The validity period of each renewal is also 10 years.


Time Required for UK Trademark Registration

In the case of a smooth transaction, the UK trademark registration currently takes about 10 months; if the rejection or objection is encountered midway, the time will be extended, which may take 2 to 3 years.


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