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Trademark Registration in Malaysia

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Malaysia Trademark Registration

A trademark is an individual, business or company that differentiates its products or services in the course of business or trade. Registered trademarks enable owners to protect and control their intellectual property.

A trademark can be any letter, word, name, signature, logo, number, brand, title, label, shape, color, picture and slogan on the package or a combination of the above.

What are ® and  ?

  • ® and  are common symbols and trademarks.
  • ® indicates that the trademark has been successfully registered. This trademark is fully protected by Malaysian trademark law; it is valid for 10 years.
  •   indicates that the trademark registration has been submitted; the trademark is undergoing inspection. According to Malaysian practice, the trademark inspection time is approximately December-September.

Information Required for Trademark Registration in Malaysia

1. Qualification documents: Both companies and individuals can apply for registration of Malaysian trademarks. To apply for a legal person, a copy of the business license is required to be stamped with the official seal; for the application of the natural person, a personal identification document is required;

2. Applicant's detailed information: including name or name, business nature, nationality and detailed address, zip code, contact information; (with Chinese and English)

3, trademark style: specify color protection, must provide color pictures;

4. Trade name and category: Malaysian trademark registration adopts international classification, one standard and one category, and the product category and specific trademark name should be selected at the time of registration;

5. Power of Attorney.

Malaysia Trademark Validity Period

Trademark registration is valid for 10 years. If you want to renew after the registration expires, you should apply for renewal registration 6 months before the registration expires. Renewal registration is valid for 10 years.

Procedures for Malaysia Trademark Registration

1. Trademark Search

Check the availability and registrability of Malaysian trademarks.

2. Trademark Submission Application / Review

Prepare and submit your trademark application to the Malaysian Trademark Registry.

3. Trademark announcement and registration

Once we receive the trademark registration notice, we will arrange for your trademark to be announced on the government public notice for a period of three months. If no objections are raised during this period, a registration certificate will be issued to you thereafter.

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