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Registration for China Trademark

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Do you know that Trademark registration in China is very strict "first to file". This means that the first company to apply for a trademark registration, whether that company is Chinese or foreign, will obtain registration and can prevent others from using the trademark. We are all aware of the saying that "Prevention is better than cure", therefore companies should have dedicated personnel or plan in place to ensure that the key trademarks are registered in China as long as the China market becomes relevant to the business.

However, the China trademark applied for being published or refused depends on whether it is identical with or similar to the trademark of another registered who enjoys priory in respect of the same or similar goods, where it is identical with or similar to the trademark of another registered which, in respect of the same or similar goods, has been registered or, after examination, preliminary approved, the China Trademark Office shall refuse the application and shall not publish.

Applications for trademarks should be filed with the China Trademark Office (CTO) through a recognised agent. The China Trademark Law adopts the principle of “first application” and theoretically grants the exclusive right to the first applicable physical trademark, which may cause issues where someone else pre-emptively registers a trademark before you would be able to do so.

ADocument Required of China Trademark Registration:

    1. Trademark logo (JPEG or PDF format) and trademark words.

    2. The goods and services that will be associated with your trademark.

    3. Business Registration (BR) or ID cards of trademark owner.

    4. Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).

B. China Trademark Registration Process:

1. Provide the trademark logo & words.

2. To search the trademark in the database of the Trademark Office, and make suggestions accordingly with our analysis about registration probabilities.

3. Send the trademark registration & invoice letter, if the report shows the trademark can be registered. Send the reason & advice letter if the trademark can’t be registered.

4. Confirm the trademark registration, sign an entrustment agreement and power of attorney for Trademark application, and pay the bill.

5. Prepare trademark application form and submit the application in two working days.

6. Submit the application documents to the Trademark Office.

7. A Trademark Acceptance Notice will be received in about three months upon submission of the application.

8. An announcement will be made for the trademark in about two years upon submission of application for a term of approximately three months.

9. The trademark will be granted if no opposition is received during the announcement period.

10. The trademark will be approved if no opposition is received during the announcement period.

The above is to give applicants a better understanding of the relevant information on the registration of China trademarks and the materials needed for preparation. The Intellectual Property Department of Tannet Group aims to carry out intellectual property agency services such as patent application, copyright registration, copyright registration, and foreign trademark application. Under the guidance of the China Intellectual Property Protection Center, we will further promote intellectual property services at local and abroad, and providing applicants with convenient and fast service channels.

For more information on the requirements for trademark registration, please feel free to call the Tannet Service Hotline: Tel: +603-21418908, Tannet Malaysia Website:, E-mail:

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