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China Trademark Registration

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Whether the trademark applied for being published or refused depends on whether it is identical with or similar to the trademark of another person who enjoys priory in respect of the same or similar goods, where it is identical with or similar to the trademark of another person which, in respect of the same or similar goods, has been registered or, after examination, preliminary approved, the Trademark Office shall refuse the application and shall not publish (the said trademark).

1. Identicalness of verbal trademark means that in the same language, the verbal elements, pronunciation and meaning of the trademarks are the same, the figures forming the trademark have no difference in view or the difference is minute.

2. If the verbal elements of the trademarks using the same language are same in meaning and refer to the same object, but are different in pronunciation and form, and there is great difference in overall structure, they will not be decided as similar trademarks usually.

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