Cayman Offshore Banking

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Cayman offshore banking like onshore banking is available to corporations and individuals. Cayman offshore banking services are one of the highest quality and offshore banks go to great lengths to protect clients’ investments. Services which are available at Cayman offshore banks are checking accounts, corporate accounts, personal accounts, credit cards, debit cards, accounts in multiple currencies, internet banking, loans and others.

Cayman Offshore banking has become very popular and offshore jurisdictions are keen to protect their reputations and the investment of clients therefore this offshore sector is well regulated. In the offshore jurisdictions there are regulatory bodies which ensure that offshore banks operate according to local legislation and international banking regulations.

Cayman Offshore Banking Requirements

Cayman offshore banking is exempted from any form of local taxation once incomes in an offshore bank account are earned outside of the offshore jurisdictions. Cayman offshore bank accounts help individuals and corporations reduce on tax liabilities. All information concerning Cayman offshore bank accounts is private and may not be given out by any person and that include offshore bank employees without the permission of the offshore bank account holder. Only in extreme cases where a court order has been given can this information be given out. Situations in which court orders are handed out include those cases where the offshore bank account holder is being investigated for crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering etc.

Cayman Offshore Banking Process

Setting up a Cayman offshore bank account these days is rather easy. There are offshore agents who help clients shop around for the best offshore tax havens to set up offshore bank accounts and also help with the paper work and finding an excellent offshore bank. Banks require copies of identification, bank and personal references, corporate documents, declare source of funds, proof of address for setting up offshore bank accounts. Cayman offshore banking is an impotent offshore service. Cayman offshore bank accounts are particularly important for offshore companies who trade in different countries using different currencies. However, banker required to review the document before proceed further.

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