Types of Cayman Company Registration

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Presently, there are four basic types of companies available in Cayman company registration:

1. Resident/Ordinary Companies

Resident/Ordinary Companies are companies with capital less than $42,000; pays for fee of $150 upon registration. If their capital is more than $42,000, their registration fee is $350.

2. Non-Resident Companies

Non-Resident Companies are companies without permanent location and has capital less than $42,000; upon filing a Memorandum and Articles of Association, and its Annual Return of January, the registration fee is $400. If the capital is more than $42,000 then the registration fee is $565.

3. Exempted Companies

Exempted Companies are companies where the activities are held outside the Islands. Most people use these offshore locations for exempt companies for a business which would be barred from carrying out business in Cayman, other than in the requirements for doing offshore businesses. It is also possible that Trust companies, Insurance and Banks can end up being registered as an exempt company, once the required license is done.

4. Segregated Companies

Segregated Companies are the type of companies for insurance enterprises. The annual fee is the normal exempt registration fee plus $2,000 and an additional fee of $1,000 for each segregated portfolio.

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