Advantages of Belize Company Registration

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With a UK-based legal system, Belize has become a popular offshore company registration destination. The offshore legislation of Belize is based on the British Virgin Islands model.

In addition, full-range, high-tech and international offshore banking service to Belize became an ideal jurisdiction. As a result, Belize has experienced rapid growth in the establishment of offshore international business companies. Offshore companies have a flexible corporate structure that makes Belize a dynamic global leader in the creation of offshore companies.

Companies incorporated in Belize, a tax haven, are exempt from taxation on their overseas income. According to the Belize offshore company law, overseas income can include dividends, profits or interest. Dividends paid by Belize offshore companies to non-Belize residents are exempt from taxation.

Advantages of Belize Company Registration

1. It is quick and easy to register a company outside of Belize. It requires only one shareholder. With no restrictions on nationality, an individual or a legal person can serve as a director/shareholder of the company. There is also no need to appoint a company secretary. The Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, is quick and easy to obtain.

2. Belize offshore companies, like Brunei in Asia, have the most explicit tax exemption for overseas income and do not need to submit Annual Return and Tax Return. You can also name the company in English or Chinese and English. The company name is widely chosen. Compared to the British Virgin Islands Company, Belize is not bound by the rules of the information exchange agreement signed between the United States and the United Kingdom.

3. Belize’s shareholder information is kept confidential. Although Belize requires each company to hire a local agency and have a locally registered office, there is no requirement for international companies in Belize to provide detailed information about shareholders or directors in audits or financial reports. Unlike many other business-friendly countries, Belize does not require any director or member meetings.

4. Belize is located in the center of the American continent, it also called as 'US strategy back door' and 'Little America' and that is the sole owner of the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) / Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA-Free Trade Area of the Americas) / Europe Common Market (EEC-European Economic Community). Belize also play an important role in the economic and trade exchanges between the UK/US/Canada/European Community and Taiwan.

Requirements for Belize Offshore Company Registration:

1. Names of Belize Offshore Company

The company name must not contain the words related to the Belize government or insurance, unless the relevant license is applied. The company name generally ends with Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme (S.A) or its abbreviation. Companies can be named in any language.

2. Number of Directors

There must be at least one director in the company. A director can be a natural or legal person. A director may be a national or a legal person registered in any country and does not have to reside in Belize.

3. Number of Shareholders

There must be at least one shareholder. A shareholder can be a natural or legal person and also can be a resident or legal person of any nationality.

4. Registered Capital

The nominal capital is generally $50,000. The minimum actual capital is generally one share; shares may or may not have a denomination. At the same time, it is also allowed to issue bearer shares.

5. Tax Requirements

Belize Companies does not have to pay any direct taxes or other taxes.

6. Financial Statements

There are no specific requirements for financial statements. The company does not have to submit financial statements to Belize government.

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