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The Cayman company renewal is the process of annual review by the local government after the registration of the Cayman Company. Cayman is an offshore company and does not have to pay taxes to the local government, but it must go through the renewal process with the local government every year. The company must renew the registration certificate to the local government once a year when the local government is established for the corresponding period of the following year. The following is a brief description of the Cayman Company’s renewal service content, required documents, and renewal of the finished product, for reference only.

1. Cayman Company Renewal Service

Cayman's renewal is after the registration of the company, the renewal time is before February 1 of the following year.

Example for Cayman company renewal:

  1. Company A was incorporated on January 01, 2016 and must be renewed before February 1, 2017;
  2. Company B was incorporated on December 1, 2016 and must be renewed before February 1, 2017.

2. Document Requirement for Renewal

  1. A copy of the registration certificate;
  2. A copy of the entire set of statutory documents signed at the time of establishment of the company;
  3. A copy of the share reform, capital increase, and renaming documents (if there is any);
  4. Signed confirmation by director or shareholder;
  5. Identification documents and address documents of all shareholder directors.

3. Finished Product After Renewal:

  1. A Cayman company renewal document.

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