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Labuan Company Registration is a hot choice for overseas investors to setup and extend business in Labuan. Today, Labuan is an international offshore financial center 1990 which issued by the Companies Act and in the same year the establishment of Labuan Offshore Business Activity legislation help to ensure the Labuan offshore companies enjoy a professional and relatively flexible corporate structure.

1. Directors & Shareholders Requirement for  a Labuan Company Registration
Labuan company registration requires one director and one shareholder ONLY. The director and shareholder can be the same person. There is no any nationality restriction.

2. Authorized Capital for a Labuan Company Registration
There is no minimum authorized share capital requirement. However, our standard companies included an authorized capital of USD 14,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of USD 1.00 per share.

3. Yearly Maintenance for a Labuan Company Registration

Labuan Company is required to file annual return, accounting, audit and tax submission in every year for trading company. An annual return must be filed regardless of trading or non-trading company. Moreover, company which engaged in trading business are required to submit audit report, tax submission ( a statutory declaration ) and does not elect to pay the flat tax. For those company that engaged in non-trading business activities and no tax shall be payable for income earned.

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