Labuan Work Permit Application

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For the work permit application under Labuan Trading Company, applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

1) The expatriate shall be paid in minimum salary of RM 10,000 per month or its equivalent in any foreign currency.

2) The application for work permit should be in respect of the following positions in Labuan entity as specified by the Immigration Department of Malaysia as:

• Must be a Top management e.g. Executive Director, Managing Director, Principal Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer.

• Professional e.g. Accountant, Lawyer, Consultant, Underwriter, Economist, Advisor, Engineer, Actuary, Trader (for those employed under Labuan International Commodity Trading Company).

• Technical expert e.g. IT Specialist or other specialists related to Labuan trading activity.

3) The applicant should have the corresponding competencies or relevant working experience related to the position applied in line with the fit and proper requirements as per the Guidelines on Fit and Proper Person Requirements issued by Labuan FSA.

Work Permit Application Requirement

An application for work permit shall be submitted to Labuan FSA according to the latest checklist provided by Immigration Department of Malaysia and supporting documents must be certified by the following authorized officer in Malaysia:

• Commissioner for oaths;

• Notary public;

• Certified public accountant;

• Advocates or solicitor;

• Company secretary; or

• Malaysian/foreign embassies.

Further Information:

Where documents are not in the national language of Malaysia or in English, it must be accompanied with duly certified/notarized English translated version of the documents. The translation of the documents can be made in the country where the applicant is residing and certified by Malaysian high commission/embassy in the country.


• The applicant from high-risk jurisdiction as listed by the Financial Action Task Force and other countries as specified by Labuan FSA are required to attend an interview session which will be conducted by Labuan FSA. Kindly contact us for the list.

• The recommendation for work permit application is for a maximum period of two years. Renewal of application must be submitted to Labuan FSA at least three months before the work permit expires.

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