Advantages of Set Up a Labuan Company

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Advantages of Set Up a Labuan Company:

1. It can be 100% owned and controlled by foreigners and there no local are required.

2. Minimum of one director and one shareholder required. A director and shareholder can be any individual or both same person.

3. Business Nature:

(a)  Non-Trading Company. Your Labuan Company will pay zero corporate tax to the authority.    

(b) Trading company. Your Labuan Company can either be paying 3% of tax or a flat rate, depending if you have met the requirements.

4. Director salary - Foreigners will declare income as director fee / dividend and pay zero income tax.

5. Labuan Legislation - The law is stable and will remain unchanged for years.

6. You are protected in avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs).

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