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Labuan Company Paid-up Capital and Government Fees

There is no paid up capital requirement for the establishment of a company in Labuan. Labuan's paid up capital does not exceed USD 13,000, the first year fee is USD 600; paid up capital is between USD 13,000 and USD 263,000, the first year fee is USD 900; paid up capital is above USD 263,000, the first year fee is USD 1,700. In the future, the annual government fees will be USD 900 regardless of the size of the capital.

Other Services

Tannet also offers other services as follows:

1.  Malaysia Labuan Registration - Secretarial Service

     Tannet can provide Labuan's operating address and registered address service. At the same time, it   can provide answering calls, receiving faxes and mail services.

2.   Malaysia Labuan Registration - Follow-up Account Service

Labuan must submit annual reports to the government and pay fees. It also need to update the registration information to ensure the legality of the company; Labuan and other offshore companies in other countries will have a slightly different taxation. If the business involves trade activities, the company tax will generate a total profit of 3% or pay a flat rate of RM 20,000 to the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Therefore, Labuan must pay taxes every year. Tannet can act as an agent and pay taxes (service fees will be based on the actual business of the company).

3.   Malaysia Labuan Registration - Work Visa Application Service

Labuan Company allows the number of people who apply for a job visa for directors of Labuan to be as high as two or three. There is no requirement for registered capital and capital in place.

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