New Zealand Company Registration

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Corporate legislation source in New Zealand is Companies Act 1993. New Zealand laws allow for the following categories of business ownership: Private Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Public Companies, Societies and Trusts. The most popular form used by international investors in New Zealand is private limited company.

Company Name

The company names may end with one of the following names or their abbreviations: Company, Company Limited, Limited, Tapui (Limited), Unlimited. Company names which are offensive or include words or phrases protected by the Flags, Emblems and Name Protection Act 1981 or by any other enactment will not be approved. For example, include names having royal, national, international, commercial or other significance.

Shareholders and Directors

A minimum of one shareholder is required which may be an individual or a corporate body. Trusts are not recognized for being a shareholder as shareholders have certain liabilities under New Zealand Company law. The details of company shareholders are available on public file.

New Zealand limited company must provide at least one Director, who has to be a natural person (i.e. not a body corporate) but don't need to be a New Zealand Resident. There is no restriction on the total numbers of directors, and directors need not to be shareholders. Director can be anyone, no national limitation.

Share Capital

There is no specific minimum capital requirement. The usual minimum authorized capital is NZ$ 100. The minimum issued capital may be one share of par value. Issued shares must be fully paid. Registered shares, preference shares, redeemable shares and shares with or without voting rights are permitted.

Registered Office, Resident Agent and Company Secretary

Every company must have a registered office in New Zealand. The registered office address must be notified to the Registrar on the application form for incorporation and needs to be a physical New Zealand address. It is no longer necessary to display the Company's name at the Registered Office. Every company must have an address for service in New Zealand, where legal documents can be delivered to the company. This may be the same address as the company\'s registered office or it may be elsewhere, but it needs to be a physical New Zealand address, not at a postal box or document exchange. The address must be notified to the Registrar on the application form for incorporation. It is not requested by law to appoint a secretary but it is advisable do so. The appointment of a secretary is not notified to the Companies Office.

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