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Company Name

The company name can only be in English language and ends with LTD or LIMITED. The company can be comprised of the words “International”, “Industrial”, “Investment”, etc.

Controlled or sensitive words such as “Royal”, “Commonwealth”,“Bank”, “Union”, “Chamber of Commerce”, “Holdings”, “College”, “Association”, “Foundation”,etc will be required to obtain approval.


Note: For company names with the word “Group”, there must be at least 3 subsidiaries under the holding company.


Registered Capital

For a UK limited company the law does not state a general required minimum Charter Capital. It is recommended to be 1000GBP. There is no limit in regards to registered capital (No additional stamp duty payable). However, 0.5% stamp duty calculated based on registered capital will be incurred for transfer of shares or change of directors.


Shareholders & Directors

A minimum of one shareholder and one director required, it can be the same person and with no nationality restriction. Shareholders and directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or convicted for any malpractice in the past. There is no requirement for the directors to also be shareholders, i.e. non-shareholders can be appointed directors.


Registered Address

The Registered Address for UK company must be situated in UK. The address detail is also included in the Certificate of Incorporation. Details of directors and officers must be provided. We provide the necessary ongoing services as Registered Address.


Business Scope

There are no business restrictions as to the type of business for a UK company. A UK company is basically permitted to be involved in businesses such as trading, consultancy, investment, etc.


Documents & Information required:

1. Proposed company name

2. Passport copies of all shareholders & directors

3. Shareholding ratio

4. Shareholder & director detail


Assistance in Opening a Bank Account

UK Company can open the bank account outside UK, more commonly known as offshore bank account. We can provide the service for bank account opening in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, Liechtenstein and other areas. Our company can provide the whole set of opening bank service including: recommending the bank/ preparing the opening bank documents (certified true copies)/meeting minutes/application form/ arranging the introducer.

Annual Renewal

UK Company is required to complete annual renewal (updates latest information on UK company registration), filing annual audited accounts and tax return each year. The deadline for submission will be one month before the anniversary of incorporation day.


Taxation and Tax Declaration

The year end for tax submission falls due on the 31st of March each year. There is no income state tax filling required for UK LLCs that do not conduct business in the UK.

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