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South Korea is located Eastern Asia and occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Over the past four decades, South Korea has demonstrated incredible growth and global integration, and has become a high-tech industrialized economy. South Korea company formation allows 100% foreign ownership with no restrictions on nationality. The following is the general information for Korea Company Incorporation.

1. Korea Company Registration - Company Name requirement

The company name must be in Korean, other languages are not allowed to register. English company name could be used in name card and sign board while business certificate must be in Korean.

2. Korea Company Registration - Authorized & paid up capital 

The minimal authorized capital is 50 million won and must be paid up. Capital need to increase when add on shareholder and there is stamp duty incur if authorized capital over 100 million won.

3. Korea Company Registration - Shareholder and Director

Minimal one shareholder and director required.  

4. Korea Company Registration - Registered address 

Korea Company registration required to have a local registered address.

5. Korea Company Registration - Business Nature

Foreign Investment Corporation has limitation on business nature, depend on cases.

6. Korea Company Registration - Corporate Bank account

 Korea banker required the director to be present for first time bank account opening. However, Investment Capital is required to transfer to a temporary account in Korea for incorporation purpose. The Capital later on will be transferred to a “share subscription account’ for verifying purpose as an investment capital. Once company is completed and ready, the investment capital will be transferred to the company account.

7. Korea Company Registration - Compliance Procedure

Companies are required to maintain accounts and keep a register of shareholders at the registered office. These records must be kept in Korean. Annual tax returns must be filed to the National Tax Service of South Korea each calendar year.

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