BVI Comapany Registration Service

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BVI Comapany Registration Service
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The British Virgin Islands are the top dog in the offshore industry. The BVI are one of the oldest (on the market since the 80s of XX century) and, without doubt, the best-known offshore jurisdiction in the world.The BVI set the standard when it comes to offshore companies.The number of active offshore companies registered in the BVI today is about seven hundred thousand, or about 40% of the total offshore market. When you consider that there are dozens of offshore jurisdictions all over the world, this figure is even more impressive.

However, the BVI have never chased cheap popularity. The Islands value their reputation as a leading light in the offshore sector. A strict and thorough approach to documentation, no price dumping, and a selective attitude towards customers has led to the reputable image BVI companies have today. "Dirty” businesses never make it to the BVI. The British Virgin Islands are a white-collar jurisdiction, the home of Big Business.

The BVI is to the offshore industry what Milan is to the fashion world. The British Virgin Islands establish the benchmark, and others follow suit - with varying degrees of success. In fact, most offshore legislation zones are carbon copies of the laws created by the BVI.While others learn to play by the rules of the BVI, this jurisdiction makes the rules. Thus, in response to noise from the international community about discrimination against local companies versus offshore companies, the BVI took the sensational step of becoming the first jurisdiction which granted equal rights to offshore companies and "home" companies. Now neither pay taxes.

The British Virgin Islands work in close cooperation with international organizations, adopting new standards and legislation, and honing existing ones. In this way, the BVI preserve and maintain their stellar reputation in the eyes of the world community.Only in the BVI will you find such a concentration of highly-qualified specialists in international law, with tax lawyers of every kind. This makes the island an ideal jurisdiction for solving the most complex issues and implementing the most sophisticated schemes.


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