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In the world market, US companies have an image of strong forces, high-quality, stylish and integrity. Establishing the brand image of an international company by registering a US company will bring immeasurable convenience and success potential to the company. Due to the maturity of the US market, excellent legal system and business operation order, US companies have become the most important corporate image in business activities. This is also the key to the company's success.

Overview of US Company Registration

Establishing a company in each state in the United States requires complex procedures and must be registered in accordance with the laws of the municipal, state, and federal governments. At present, each industry in the United States has its own independent industry law, and operators in each industry are required to follow the regulations of their industry to deal with business. There are company registration departments in 50 states in the United States, which require different documents and different charges.

Conditions of US Company Registration

1.      A copy of the passport or ID card of the director and shareholder (over 18 years old);

2.      Provide three US company names, which can be applied for registration if there is no duplicate name on name search procedure;

3.      The proportion of shares held by each shareholder in the US Company (%).

US Company Name

There is no restriction on the company name, as long as the search does not have a duplicate name; the general name is followed by the words CORP. (CORPORATION), LTD. (LIMITED), INC. (INCORPORATED) or CO. (COMPANY).

US Company Registered Capital

There is no need for capital verification when registering a company in the United States, and there is no funding limit. When registering a company, you need to explain the amount of shares issued at the time of the company's establishment. Usually the initial amount of shares issued by the company is 1000-100,000 shares. The number of shares issued by the company can be increased at any time after the establishment of the company.

Procedures of US Company Registration

The procedure of US company registration as following:

1.      Company name search (submit the most satisfactory name, preferably a few more options);

2.      Submit the Assignment Form;

3.      Signing the agreement and make payment;

4.      Sign the legal documents (arrangement for all shareholders and directors to sign a full set of documents);

5.      The government approval process (Tannet will follows up with the government to complete the relevant procedures);

6.      The company is established (the company information can be sent directly to your designated location).

Note: The registration status of different states in the United States is slightly different. For more details and differences, please contact our professional consultants.

US Company Registration Completed

After the company registration is completed, you will receive:

1.      A company license issued by the US company state government;

2.      US company formation regulations;

3.      US company constitute regulations;

4.      US company stock;

5.      US company seal;

6.      US company relevant resolutions.

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