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Registered UK companies play an increasingly important role in corporate tax planning and introduction of venture capital. The UK is a veteran capitalist country with the most complete British legal system in the world. With a well-developed economic system and banking system, registering a British company is very helpful for companies to establish an international image and open up overseas markets. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is one of the world's largest international foreign exchange markets and international insurance centers. It is also one of the world's largest financial and trade centers, with its GDP in the forefront of Western countries. The United Kingdom is also an important member of 120 international organizations such as the European Union, NATO, Commonwealth, and Western European Union. It is China's second largest trading partner in the European Union.

1.      Advantages of UK Company Registration

a)      The procedure for registering a UK company is the easiest, and the registered capital does not need to be in place;

b)      Able to open offshore accounts in mainland China and Hong Kong;

c)      Low annual maintenance cost, convenient tax arrangement, openly information and high credibility;

d)     If a UK company is not operating locally, there is no need to pay taxes;

e)      All goods entering and leaving the UK can be cleared within 24 hours;

f)       International legal status is high and protected by the Commonwealth Government;

g)      The international image of UK companies is good.

2.      Conditions for UK Company Registration

a)      Company Name

The UK government has very few requirements for registering a UK company name, but it can only be registered in English. Generally, it clearly states that it should be avoided:

·          Related royal terms such as Royal, King, Queen, Prince, etc.

·         Relevant government terms such as: Government, British, Britain, etc.

·         Words related to social welfare organizations such as Charity, Organization, University, etc.

b)     Requirements for Shareholders and Directors

Anyone who has an identity document at the age of 18 may apply. At least one shareholder, shareholder and director may be the same person, may be a natural person or a legal person, and have no nationality restrictions.

c)      UK Company Registered Capital

UK company registration does not have a minimum registered capital and generally recommends a registered capital of £1,000. Registered capital can be infinitely increased (no need to pay stamp duty).

d)     Business Scope

Enterprises can operate businesses of any nature, such as: finance and investment, health care, shipping, import and export trading, real estate, construction, decorative design, information network, clothing and textiles, tourism, cultural publishing, etc.

e)      Company Legal Secretary and Registered Address

The government requires a UK company to have a legal secretary who can be a natural or legal person. In the UK, every company must have a registered address. It can be provided by Tannet if needed.

3.      Information Required for UK Company Registration

a)      UK company name (company name search);

b)      Information of the shareholders of the UK company (copy of ID card or passport);

c)      Proportion of company shares.

4.      Procedures of UK Company Registration

Provide the name of the British company → no duplicate of the company name search → fill in the assignment form → sign the agreement → make payment → submit to the government departments → 10-15 working days to complete the process → the director personally signed the legal documents → legal documents submitted to the government for filing → received the company documents → the end of the process.

5.      Registered Company Documents

a)      1 copy of the Certificate of the Trade and Industry Bureau;

b)      1 copy of the UK Company Certificate;

c)      1 copy of the First General Meeting;

d)     1 copy of the Status Report;

e)      20 Registered Shares Certificate;

f)       1 Meeting Minutes of the Company Meeting;

g)      5 copies of the UK Company Registered Articles of Association;

h)      3 Company Seals;

i)        1 copy of the UK Company Operating Specification.

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