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The Kingdom of Cambodia, a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is located in the Indo-China Peninsula, bordering Thailand in the west and northwest, bordering Laos in the northeast, bordering Vietnam in the east and southeast, and facing the Gulf of Siam in the south. The territory of Cambodia shaped like dish basin, surrounded by hills and mountains on three sides, and a vast and rich plain in the middle, accounting for more than three-quarters of the country's total area. Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 29-30 °C. It is rich in forestry, fishery and fruit trees. The Cambodian government implements a free market economy open to the outside world, promotes economic privatization and trade liberalization, and regards agriculture, processing industry, tourism, infrastructure construction and personnel training as priority areas for development. Cambodia has also promoted administrative, financial, military and judicial reforms to improve the efficiency of government work, improve the investment environment, and achieve certain results.

If you want to invest in or register a company in Cambodia, Tannet can handle and help you, because Tannet is familiar with the company registration in Cambodia and can provide you with a practical solution.

1. Types of Cambodia Company

There are several types of Cambodian company registration:

(1) Sole Proprietorship & Partnership;

(2) Limited Liability Company;

(3) Foreign-funded Enterprises.

2.  The Company's Shareholders, Directors and Company Secretary

A private limited company can have up to 30 shareholders. If a limited liability company has only one shareholder, it is registered as a single member private limited company. If a new shareholder is added, the registration can be modified.

3. Registered Capital

The minimum registered capital of Private Limited is 4,000,000 Lille (approximately USD1000). It is generally recommended to register $5,000 to avoid stamp duty on subsequent capital increases.

4. Registered Address

To register a Cambodian company, a local address is required and Tannet can provide you with such an address.

5. Business Scope of Cambodia Company

In general, the business scope has no specific requirements, and enterprises can engage in various business activities according to law and enjoy the same treatment in domestic enterprises.

6. Bank Account Opening

Before you start signing up for a company, you need to open a bank account locally, and Tannet will help you open an account with local bank. The initial deposit funds are no less than USD 1,500. The deposit can be withdrawn.

7. Tax Number Registration

Cambodian company is required to register local tax number within 14 days after registration.

8. Tax Return

The economic and financial sector requires each company in Cambodia to obtain taxpayer identification number in the tax department within 14 days of business development. The company must do business registration tax, profit tax (1%-20%) and 10% VAT fee every year. Every company must file tax returns on a monthly and annual basis. The monthly tax return reports its monthly income and will be paid on the 15th of the following month. The annual tax return is subject to income tax and will be paid on March 31 of the following year.

9. Registration Process of Cambodia Company

Site selection and establishment of company name - preparation of documents - registration of the Ministry of Commerce - opening a bank account - tax registration

10. Processing Time

It takes 5-7 working days to collect the license, and the tax registration takes one month.

11. Information Required

(1) Offices and branches:

Application form, copy of certified parent company charter, certified parent company registration certificate, letter of appointment of director/manager appointed by parent company, photo of director/manager, signature copy of director/manager passport/ID card.

(2) Private Limited:

Shareholders / Directors’ photo and identity information.

(3) If the Limited Company is Partially or Wholly Foreign:

A copy of the certified parent company's charter, a certified parent company's registered capital, a letter of appointment from the parent company's shareholder's representative, and a photo of the shareholder's representative and identity information

Remarks: 1. If the submitted documents are not in English, they must be translated into English and submitted together.

 2. The processing time begins on the date of delivery of the full payment and the submission of the information.

12. Documents Received After Registration

·      Copy of the company chart in the form of a notarization confirmation

·      License of the registered company

·      Engraved seal of the registered company

·      Corporate income tax registration tax certificate, etc.

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