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With the restrictions of Guangzhou registered companies becoming less and less, and the promotion of public entrepreneurship innovation by policies, there are more and more customers registered a company in Guangzhou. Let's explain what types of Guangzhou companies are.


Tannet consultants met with many customers and friends. They all said that they registered in Guangzhou but did not know what type of business to register. Tannet suggested that customers and friends need to flexibly choose the type of Guangzhou Company to be registered according to their own needs, in order to improve the success rate of company registration, improve economic efficiency, and maximize profits. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between Guangzhou registered companies: sole proprietorship, self-employed entrepreneur, and a partnership.


Among the company's categories, the most common types of Guangzhou company registration are limited liability companies and joint stock limited companies. These two types of requirements for the title and shareholders and managers is the same, except for the material needs of the company name, address, business scope, registered capital, investment ratio, but also the identification of the legal representative, executive director / chairman, supervisors, managers, and shareholders.


Individual industrial and commercial households are unique in China and are individuals or households as investors. In Guangzhou, one person can only register as self-employed entrepreneur one time. The name of the self-employed entrepreneur cannot have the word “company”. Because the self-employed entrepreneur does not have any problems with shareholders and supervisors, it is only necessary to provide the identity certificate of the person in charge. Individual households must keep accounts, file tax returns, and annual reports. Its responsibility is “unlimited liability”.


The biggest characteristic of a sole proprietorship enterprise is that the investor must be a local person. Unlike the individual industrial and commercial households, the size of a sole proprietorship enterprise is a “enterprise”, not a “self-employed” form, and requires necessary employees. It is only necessary to provide the name, address, business scope, registered capital and the identity of the investor.


The establishment of a Guangzhou partnership requires more than two partners. Funding in accordance with the partnership agreement, no capital verification is in place. If the partnership is a "general partnership", then it is responsible for unlimited liability; if it is a "limited partnership," it consists of two partners: "general partner" and "limited partner". "General partners" bear unlimited liability, and "limited partners" bear limited liability. Since there are many differences between partnerships and “companies”, the “shareholders” are not called “shareholders” but “partners”. It requiring that "all the partners of the qualification certificate", in addition to the partnership is the most special place is not fixed "articles of association" agreement, but many can be "friendly negotiation" and "partnership agreement" to agree, so it is also necessary for the partners to carefully and repeatedly sign the "cooperation agreement." For example, the company has a “legal representative” to represent the company's various matters. The partnership is called “the partner of the executive affairs” which natural or legal persons chosen as executor, which is the need of the power of attorney.


The above is a brief explanation of several common types of registered companies or enterprises in Guangzhou. The registration of Guangzhou Company is not as simple as we think. When registering a company in Guangzhou, not only do you need to pay attention to these issues, but you also need to understand local policy requirements. If you need to register a company in Guangzhou or carry out other business incubator services, you can consider finding an agent company to help you get it. It saves time and saves you a lot of expenses and saves a lot of trouble. Tannet Group has more than 10 years of experience and tens of thousands of customers' praise and recognition. We will be your first choice!

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