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Offshore Bank Account, also known as offshore units offshore banks are located in offshore financial centers by a bank or other financial institution. Their business is limited to contacts with other units of foreign banks or foreign bodies, and carried on business in the domestic market is not allowed. Offshore banks in finance means depositors other than open a bank account in their country of residence. Instead, banks in domestic depositors live are known as offshore banks or banks in the territory.

Reason for Opening Offshore Bank Account:

1. Banks located in countries or regions with low tax rates, and thus can be used as tax havens purpose.

2. Offshore banks to protect depositors in countries where privacy requirements more stringent.

3. Escape the country in which depositors for the supervision and administration of account activity, such as prohibiting the opening of anonymous accounts.

4. The depositor resides when the country's political or economic instability, protecting deposits.

5. High privacy and confidential for applicant, away from principal country.

Classification for Offshore Banking Business:

1. Foreign exchange deposits

2. Foreign currency loans

3. Interbank foreign exchange borrowing

4. International Settlements

5. Issuance of negotiable certificates of deposit

6. A foreign exchange guarantee

7. State administration of foreign exchange to allow other services

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