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Malaysia documents have to be translated or certified by Malaysia Lawyers’ Association or Companies Commission of Malaysia. The documents that are translated or certified must be clear. Translated copies of personal documents such as proof of single status must be accompanied by the original copies to allow translation by the translator.

Document translation is an important procedure in Malaysia company formation. However, documents of some overseas investors are not directly acceptable by Malaysian government bodies. Translated copies of documents are necessary for Malaysia company formation. Documents required to be translated include documents pertaining to the personal data of the shareholders and the directors as well as other documents related to the company such as license and certificates if the shareholder is a company. All documents are required to be translated into English or Malay before submitting to the Malaysia government bodies, in this case, the Registrar of Companies. If the documents happen to be translated wrongly or not translated, the application will be treated as an incomplete application and consequently will be returned.

Therefore, a professional document translation service is crucial for the Malaysia company formation if your documents are in a language other than English or Malay. Tannet do provide document translation service. Our experience will ensure that the documents are translated in a correct way and in correct wordings. Hence, the registration process would become more efficient, easier and time saving.

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