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Halal Certification

Halal certification is also known as Islamic certification and Islamic halal certification. Halal is “law-abiding, prohibited” in Arabic, and all raw materials used to produce Halal food must be Halal certified. Products or materials must be processed, produced and packaged under high cleaning and hygiene standards.

Benefits of Halal Certification

1. Halal certification is the demand of consumers

Whether it is diet or consumption, every Muslim must abide by the specific rules of halal and haram. If you eat non-halal food, it is considered to be a violation of Islamic law. It is clear that Muslims are obliged to eat only halal food, that is, halal-certified products. Muslims will not and will not be allowed to eat any suspicious or non-halal food unless it is confirmed to be halal. At the same time, non-Muslims living in Muslim countries also eat halal products. Therefore, applying for halal certification will not lose the non-Muslim customer base, but will definitely increase the number of Muslim customers.

2. Halal certification is the country's needs

In most Muslim countries, imported products are mandated to have halal certification. For example, in Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other countries, when products enter the customs, they need the necessary information to prove that their products are halal before they can enter. At the same time, a considerable number of Muslims live in non-Muslim countries as minorities, such as Muslims in the United States, Canada, etc. Some buyers also require companies to provide halal certification so that local consumers can eat halal products. Obviously, products with halal certification are more likely to be recognized and favored by Muslims living in these countries. Halal products have become increasingly important in the rapidly growing international product industry and trade. If the company has international halal certification, it will be able to enter the halal market smoothly, which will help the product to further promote and develop in the foreign halal market. If you do not have halal certification, you will not be able to enter this market, and it will undoubtedly limit the opportunities for market development in this area. Therefore, products with halal certification companies are the key to developing the international market.

3. Halal products are a yardstick for corporate integrity

In the 21st century, with the transformation and development of society, we have stepped into an unprecedentedly large market for goods. People pay more attention to healthy, scientific and clean lifestyles, which inevitably requires related industries to provide more diverse and convenient product. Due to the imperfect market supervision system and other factors, some enterprises have lost their professional ethics and integrity in order to obtain huge profits and adulterate products, causing heavy losses and injuries to consumers. If a company applies for halal certification, the product to be certified must comply with Islamic regulations. When the company is certified, it has the qualification to produce halal products, which will make its products more advantageous and competitive. The halal industry is also a yardstick for testing a company's integrity. When a company has a halal certification, it will prove that its company is in the same industry with higher integrity and higher grades than other companies, which will certainly help the company to gain social recognition and trust.

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