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Article 107 of Chapter 32 of the Hong Kong Companies Act stipulates that after a one-year registration of a Hong Kong company, the company must apply to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for a next year's business registration certificate. The company must make a company annual declaration file based on the company's shareholders, directors, legal secretary, registered address and other information to the Hong Kong Companies Registry once a year.

1. Introduction to the Hong Kong Company Annual Return

The annual return includes: replacement of business registration certificate, production and submission of annual return, legal registration address, statutory secretarial and secretarial services.

a) Business registration certificate: to be updated annually, the price will fluctuate with the adjustment of the government;

b)  Company Annual Return: to be submitted annually;

c)  Legal Secretary: It is a prerequisite for the establishment of a company in Hong Kong, which we can provide;

d)  Registered address: is a prerequisite for the establishment of a company in Hong Kong, which we can provide;

e)  Secretarial services: Provide services throughout the year, such as answering calls, receiving faxes, processing business documents, government and bank letters, and transmitting information in a timely manner.

2. Expiration Date of Hong Kong Company Annual Return

The expiration date of the annual return of the Hong Kong Company is the anniversary date of the establishment of the company, which means that your company was formally established on May 5, 2018, and May 5, 2019 can begin to apply the annual return of the Hong Kong Company.

Reminder: The annual return of Hong Kong companies must be submitted on time. The Hong Kong Companies Act requires that the annual return and business registration certificate be subject to a fine after 42 days of overdue registration.

3. Information required for the annual return of the Hong Kong Company

a)      A copy of the business registration certificate;

b)      A copy of the registration certificate;

c)       A copy of the company charter;

d)      A copy of the company legal documents;

e)      A copy of the company's change documents, including the stock change, capital increase, and renamed documents (if any);

f)       A copy of the ID card or passport of all shareholders and directors;

g)      Personally sign the confirmation of  Hong Kong company annual return;

h)      Personally sign the annual declaration document;

i)        Hong Kong company event record book;

j)        If you are an old customer of our company, you only need to provide items g, h, and i above.

4. Upon completion of the Hong Kong company annual return, the following documents will be received.

a)      Original Business Registration Certificate of the Inland Revenue Department;

b)      Original copy of the Registrar's annual return;

c)       The latest annual registered address and the authorization to use telephone and fax;

d)      Updated event record book.

5. Consequences of not applying the annual return of Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong companies will be fined if they fail to submitting annual return the Hong Kong Registry and the Inland Revenue Department. In addition, if you do not pay the fine within the time specified by the government, you will receive a court summons. If you have not responded, the Hong Kong Registry will also make an automatic cancellation of the company within a certain period of time. Of course, the directors of the company will enter the government's blacklist. If you want to continue to establish a company in Hong Kong or carry out other activities in the future, it will be very inconvenient.

6. If the Hong Kong Company does not want to submit the annual return, it is recommended to deregister the company.

It is best to submit a Hong Kong company deregistration application to the Hong Kong Government three months before the date of the annual return of the Hong Kong Company. Otherwise, it will cost an additional year's annual review and tax return.

The above is the explanation of the Hong Kong Company annual return. In general, the Hong Kong Company’s annual return is entrusted to the secretary company for processing. On the one hand, it requires the report of the statutory secretary of Hong Kong. On the one hand, individual cannot submit it directly to the company registration office. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional secretarial company to handle the annual return.

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