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Company Profile represent as the CV for your company as it is used to describe the goods and services of your company to the public. It illustrates the mission and value of the company and ensures that the products, approach, strengths, relevant experience and achievements are known to your potential customers.

Besides, company profile is often used to illustrate to your potential investors, shareholder, the media and potential partners how you can effectively meet their needs to maximum the value. This will create more business opportunities in the future.

A company profile Drafting would benefit any business or company that wish to establish its credibility and describe its products to the public. It includes:

  • All corporate, SME or service providers with a service which will benefit from being evaluated before the sale, where the customer assesses the company’s ability to provide the service based on its assessment of the company itself.
  • Consultancies which needs to demonstrate their subject expertise in their area of consultancy as well as leverage their customer feedback.
  • Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO) who needs to introduce their service to institutions and organizations.
  • Any new business that wishes to build its reputation and brand.

Tannet Malaysia is an International Consultant Firm based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen. We have over 10 branches located in China and we believe Tannet would be your best choice for your oversea investment. We provide services from pre-setting up to incorporation, management to operation, IPO such as international company registration, global trademark application, outsource accounting services and etc. Kindly contact us for more information if you are interested! 

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