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Due Diligence is an investigation or audit on a business or individual prior to a potential investment or other purpose. Due Diligence is a safety measure to prevent unnecessary harm that may arise to either party involved in a transaction.

Types of due diligence

There are three main types of due diligence:

- Legal Due Diligence which covers not only the acquisition target but also the documentation involved in the transaction. Some of the primary points would be the corporate information, existing contracts, litigation, real property, intellectual property, employment issues, and compliance with laws.

- Financial Due Diligence which involves the evaluation of the company’s financial performance via a review of financial statements, balance sheets, bad debts and income tax returns.

- Commercial Due Diligence that includes customers, sales, markets, competitiveness, projections, together with legal and financial due diligence.


Benefits of Due Diligence

- Protect the reputation of your company by making sure that your organisation is not linked to any kind of bribery, fraud or corruption via a third party, customer or supplier.

- Allows evaluation of any risk that may arise from a potential partnership or acquisition and prevent it.

- Provides an overall insight to the performance and stability of an organisation

- Understanding of competitor's background and their information in detail

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