Hong Kong Virtual Office

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Hong Kong Virtual Office is basically shared office services, which includes business address, mail and courier services, phone services, fax services, answering services and meeting & conference facilities.

A Hong Kong Virtual Office is ideal for:

1. Having a requirement to hold meetings in the city but no requirement for a full time office;

2. People who often travel and therefore do not have the need for physical office space;

3. Individuals that work from home but require a city identity;

4. Those that require an office identity but do not have the budget for a physical office;

5. New business start-ups who wish to test a new market and cannot yet justify the cost of setting up a permanent office.

Tannet was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong and built long-term relationship with many clients from China, South America, EU and Africa to help them set up their own business or sub-department in Chinese speaking areas. Tannet has 38 worldwide fully owned companies in, for example, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and has over 3,000 cooperative institutions.

Contact us

If you have further queries, please contact Tannet

24 hours Malaysia hotline:603-21418908;

24 hours Hong Kong hotline:852-27837818;

24 hours Shenzhen hotline:86-755- 36990589;



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