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Apply for a Malaysia Professional Work Visa

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If you want to work in Malaysia, the applicant must go to the Chinese Consulate to issue a work permit before you can enter Malaysia. The application conditions are that a Malaysia company must hire you to work in the company, apply it with a letter of introduction from company, and have a lot of information to prepare. The steps are quite complicated, and usually the work visa is handed over to the agent.

1. Malaysian work visas can be divided into the following two categories:

(a) Foreign labor work visa (temporary pass);

(b) Professional / employment pass

Note: Chinese citizens can only apply for professional technical visa.

2. Work Visas application steps:

(a) Paid-up capital requirements for different companies

• 100% Malaysian citizen company – minimum RM 200,000;

• Foreign citizens (49%) and Malaysian citizens (51%) associates - a minimum of RM 350,000;

• 100% foreign citizen company - minimum RM 5 - 1 million.

Note: The minimum amount of capital paid by a 100% foreign citizen company depends on the scope of the company's business.

(b) Company documents

• Company registration (Form 9, 24 & 49 / Section 14, 17, 58 & 236), Form 13 if the company has a conversion name

• Must have an office and a personal assistant

• Office Leasing Agreement / Sale Contract Agreement

• Latest company phone bill

•Local authorities license business license (latest)

• Bank statement (last three months)

• Annual financial audit report (latest)

• Company organization chart

• Company profile

• Employment contract

• Product introduction and photos

• Other licenses

• Copy of approval letter from relevant department

a) Ministry Tourism Malaysia

b) Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

c) Malaysia Industry Development Authority (MIDA)

d) Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism (WRT)

e) Ministry of Education (MOE)

f) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

g) Malaysia National ICT Initiative (MSC)


1) All service industry companies must apply for an approval letter issued by Malaysia Trade (KPDNKK), which has different individual documentation requirements for each different area.

2) Professional Pass must be assisted by the Malaysia Company.

3. Minimum wage requirements

Professional Technical Visa ( CATEGORY 1 ) – Minimum RM 10,000

a) Application for company directors, shareholders, management personnel, etc.

Professional Technical Visa (CATEGORY 2) – Minimum RM5,000

a) Application by manager, engineer, etc.

Semi-professional and Technical Visa (CATEGORY 3) – minimum RM 2,500

a) Semi-skilled workshops, construction workers, etc. apply;

b) A minimum of RM5, 000, exemption approval is required.

4.  Requirement for application

• College graduate degree holder (minimum three years of work experience) / Diploma holder (minimum five years of work experience)

•Age requirement:

a) Science and technology information related positions - 24 years old or older.

b) Other management positions - over 27 years old.

• Resume / Certificate of Diploma

• Copy of passport

• 4 passport-sized photos with color

• Notarized marriage certificate (if there is a spouse)

• Spouse’s 4 passport size photos with color

•Notarized child relationship certificate (if there are children)

Malaysia visa processing time is short, as long as the information is complete, the relevant departments will not basically refuse. Malaysia does not support visas on arrival. For more information, please contact Tannet.

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