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Malaysia Working Visa Extension

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Foreigners working in Malaysia are required to apply for a work visa in order to stay in Malaysia for a long time. Malaysian work visas are time-limited. If the visa expiration date is close to the deadline, work visa extension must be processed if you still need to continue to work in Malaysia. How do foreigners apply for a work visa extension in Malaysia?

Basic requirements for extension of work visa for foreigners:

·         Work unit (company name required);

·         Hold a valid passport (a valid residence permit);

·         Effective foreigner employment permit;

·         Effective labour contract of the work unit;

·         Men are generally 18 to 60 years old and women are generally 18 to 55 years old.

Note: If the applicant over 60 years of age, almost always be refused. However, if the applicant serves as the company's senior management, legal representative or investor and meets certain conditions, the extension can still be processed.

2. The following materials are required for the renewal of the work visa for foreigners:

         I.            Materials required by the applicant:

a)      Applicant's passport;

b)      Applicant employment certificate;

c)      Applicant's recent passport photo with colour;

d)      Valid Temporary Accommodation Registration Form;

      II.            Materials required for employing company:

a)   A copy of the company's business license (if it is a representative office, provide a     representative office registration certificate);

b)      A copy of the organization code certificate;

c)      A copy of the approval certificate (If it is foreign-funded enterprise);

d)      Representative certificate of the representative office (if applicable);

e)      Labour contract or dispatch certificate between the applicant and the employer company;

f)       Relevant application forms and other documents required by the competent authority.

3.   Procedure of Malaysia Work Visa Extension

The extension of the Malaysian work visa requires the applicant to provide relevant materials to us. Next, we will submit the relevant materials to the immigration office for review, which will take nearly 30 days of work. After the review, the Immigration Department will begin the applicant's work visa extension process, which requires nearly 60 days of work time. After the final completion of all the procedures, the applicant will receive the finished product.

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