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Malaysia's MM2H Program

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MM2H, the “Malaysia My Second Home” project, is a preferential project tailored by the Malaysia government to attract foreigners to Malaysia for long-term investment and settlement. The dream of a second home in overseas is not far away!

1. Why choose Malaysia?

(a) Government support

This program is promoted, planned and implemented by the Malaysian government. Therefore, the government will continue to develop this plan to ensure the success of the plan.

(b) Culture and language

Malay is the official language and English is the second language. However, other languages are still free to use. Because the Malays are the overwhelming majority, the Malay culture has naturally become the main culture of our country, but the culture of other ethnic groups can still coexist. The culture of all ethnic groups is more freely integrated.

2. Requirements of MM2H application

(a) Applicants under the age of 50:

·         Before Approval: The total amount of  liquidity at least RM500,000 (USD130,000) including     banks, insurance/pension funds, social security funds, provident funds, etc.;

·         Average income in the past 3 months is at least RM10,000 (USD 2, 600) including wages,     pensions, dividends, rent, interest, etc.;

·         After approval: fixed deposits in Malaysia are required to be at least RM300, 000 (USD 80,000)     and RM150, 000 can be withdraw after 1 year.

(b) Applicants over 50 years old:

·         Before Approval: The total amount of liquidity at least RM 350,000 (USD 90,000) including banks, insurance/pension funds, social security funds, provident funds, etc.;

·         Average income in the past three months is at least RM10,000 (USD 2, 600) including wages, pensions, dividends, rent, interest, etc.;

·         After approval: fixed deposits in Malaysia are required to be at least RM150, 000 (USD 40,000) and RM50, 000 can be withdraw after 1 year.

3. Procedure of MM2H application

(a) Step 1:

Submit the service agreement for the application form "Malaysia My Second Home Program".

(b) Step 2:

Submit the following information:

              i.   Application letter (a letter written and signed by the main applicant);
             ii.   A copy of the resume of the main applicant, including academic qualifications, work experience,         skills or expertise;
             iii.   A Malaysian My Second Home Application Form;
             iv.   Six passport size photos with color ;
              v.   Certified copy of passport / travel document (all pages);
             vi.   Applicant's certificate of no criminal record (subject to notarization);
            vii.   Self-declaration form for the health status of applicants and their families;
           viii.   A certified copy of the marriage certificate (if accompanied by a spouse);
            ix.   A certified copy of the family's birth certificate/legal documents (if accompanied by a                                child/adopted child/continued child/parent), medical professional/general practitioner's                   confirmation letter (if accompanied by a disabled child over 21 years of age);
             x.   Certified copy of bank statement for the latest 3 months;

            xi.   Latest 3 months of payroll / income statement / pension certified copy.

(c) Step 3:

The Immigration Department issues approval letter.

(d) Step 4:

Within six months after the letter of approval is issued, the applicant must come to Malaysia personally to do the following:

                 i.   Set up a deposit account at any bank in Malaysia;

               ii.   Purchase medical insurance in any insurance company in Malaysia;

             iii.   Obtain medical reports from any registered private hospital or clinic in Malaysia.

(e) Step 5:

Submit supplementary documents to the immigration unit as following:

                 i.   A fixed deposit certificate;

               ii.   Medical insurance policy;

             iii.   Medical report.

(f) Step 6:

Applicants successfully joined MM2H program.

4. Once your application is approved, you will be able to enjoy the privileges as following:

·  Passports and multiple entry visas valid for 10 years. Such a visa can be renewed, which is theoretically equivalent to having a visa to enter and leave Malaysia for a lifetime;

·   Tax-free purchase of a new car or the entry of a car used in the country of nationality, as well as other tax incentives;

·    Doing business in Malaysia;

·    Have the opportunity to live a quality life at a lower cost.

The biggest advantage of the project is that you can still retain your nationality and enjoy all the benefits of the country of nationality. You can enter and leave Malaysia at any time, no time limit! Moving to Malaysia has never been easier. Choose Tannet Group to help you apply for MM2H program, you will never regret it.

Tannet Malaysia is an international consultancy company based in Shenzhen, Hong Kong. In addition to providing business services in Hong Kong, China, it also provides global, one-stop, full supply chain services such as international (onshore) company establishment, company secretarial services, translation and notarization certification services, financial and taxation planning, intellectual property registration services and other services!

If you have any enquiries, please contact us directly for more details on other services! Please feel free to call the Tannet Service Hotline at 603-2141 8908 or email, Malaysia Company Address: Unit 6.06, Level 6, Amoda 22 , Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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