Quanzhou Company Deregistration

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Quanzhou Company Deregistration refers to that a Quanzhou company files an application to the related government department when shareholders decide to terminate the company. And the Quanzhou Company should follow all the other procedures to proper company dissolution.

Why Quanzhou company De-registration

According to the related company law, a Quanzhou company may have to be deregistered because of one of the following reasons:

1. The business operation term as agreed in the company’s Articles of Association becomes expired or other condition for dissolution as agreed in the Articles of Association for dissolution occurs;

2. Resolution of dissolution is made by the meeting of shareholders;

3. The company is merged or separated and the company will not exist anymore;

4. The business license is revoked by government, or the company is ordered to be closed or cancelled;

5. There is serious difficulty in company’s operation and management and the shareholder’s interest may suffer great loss if the company continues to operate. Shareholders who holding ten percent or above voting right may file to the court for dissolution if negotiation among shareholders fails.


Procedures of Quanzhou company Deregistration

In Xiamen, the procedures for company Deregistration is rather complicated, particularly in face of different kinds of departments. For a Quanzhou company to be properly dissolved, the following procedures should be taken adopt of:

1. Formal corporate action (liquidation procedure)

2. Filing with the appropriate government department

3. Processing of all creditor claims

4. Statutory notice to creditors

5. Sale and distribution of all remaining assets

6. Cancelation of invoice, business license, and other registered information


Please note that before filing the application for Deregistration, you should close the corporate bank account and also make sure that there is no outstanding accounts receivable.


Time Required For Quanzhou company Deregistration

Normally, an officially process of Quanzhou company Cancellation in a whole will take around six months.

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