Hong Kong Company Registration

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Hong Kong is located at the South-eastern tip of the mainland of China. A total area of just under 1,100 square kilometers covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories and Islands. Its population is around 8 million. Varied people come to Hong Kong to set up varied companies for varied purposes, since Hong Kong companies have their own varied advantages.


Hong Kong Company Registration – Company Name

- Free to make a choice of companies’ names (it has to be not registered before).
- Can use the words such as INTERNATIONAL, GROUP, HOLDINGS, INDUSTRIAL, INVESTMENT included in the company name.
- Also can use other country name in the beginning of the company name (if wanted).
- Advice to choose company carefully (the name portray the image of the company).
- Avoid using any company name which may be too similar to any existing company or trademark.
- Company name can be in English, in Chinese, or both.
- The name must end with “Limited”.

Hong Kong Company Registration – Paid Up Capital

Minimum registered capital HKD 10,000 for a Hong Kong limited company. The board of a company has a final say about paid-up capital. You don’t have to pay up your capital.

Hong Kong Company Registration – Shareholder and Director

- At least one or more than one directors and shareholders are required when set up a Hong Kong Company.
- The shareholder and director can be the same person.
- The shareholder can be acted by the natural person (must be more than 18 years old who has the passport or ID) or the legal person.
- Before incorporation, must confirm a list of shareholder, director, chairman of the director and the proportion of their shares.

Hong Kong Company Registration – Legal Secretary and Office Address

- A legal secretary is required by the Hong Kong government for every Hong Kong Company.
- The office address must locate in Hong Kong.
- The legal secretary and registered address can be provided by Tannet if needed.

Hong Kong Company registration – Procedures

a . Fill in application form  
b . Preparation of legal document 
c . Sign legal documents  

d . Handle to Hong Kong goverment  

e . Finish within 10 - 15 working days 

f . Collect the documents

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