Hong Kong Company De-registration

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Our de-registration services includes:

(1) Review corporate documents and tax filing history so as to make sure nothing is pending before filing the application for de-registration

(2) Prepare minutes of board of directors in respect of the de-registration and other documents for application for de-registration (strike off)

(3) Apply to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for Notice of No Objection for De-registration of a Defunct Company

(4) Apply to Hong Kong Companies Registry for de-registration

De-registration Application Procedures

(1) Checks for outstanding debts, if any, settles the debts;

(2) Checks for trade deposits/utility deposits paid, if any, arranges to collect the trade deposits/utility deposits;

(3) Arranges to close the corporate bank account, if any;

(4) Prepares deregistration application documents and arranges to have them signed by client;

(5) Ppplies in writing to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for a Notice of No Objection for Deregistration of a Defunct Company. It may take up to four weeks to receive the said Notice; please be reminded that the said Notice will only be issued in the case that the company to be de-registered owes NO money to the Hong Kong Government and NO outstanding tax returns;

(6) Ppplies in writing to Hong Kong Companies Registry for de-registration of the company. It may take well up to six months after the filing of application for the Companies Registry to de-register your company.

Documents Required for De-registration

If we are acting as company secretary of your Hong Kong company, there is no documents required from you as we will have the necessary corporate records to prepare the documents for the purpose of deregistration.

In the case that we are not acting as company secretary of your Hong Kong company, then we will need you to provide the following documents to us:

(1) A copy of the latest annual return and any filings after the date of that latest annual return

(2) A copy of current business registration certificate

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