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China investment still keeps a strong attraction for oversea investors. Some one may ask the reasons for this saying. The statistics show that the foreign investment capital in China reaches to 116 billion dollar in 2011, maintaining a stable growth in these years, even though during the current international financial crisis. It demonstrates that China maintains a kind of relatively strong stability during the current financial crisis, compared with other countries. Since the reforms of the late 1970s, the Chinese government has created an increasingly sound investment environment for foreign investment, and China’s foreign investment attraction is actually continually enhanced.

The investors who want to invest in China must consider how to invest in China, where to invest in China, how to set up business in China. Before stepping in China business, it’s essential that investors to China start a series of study, including China investment portfolio, project feasibility study, project analysis, market study, business plan, project financing, investment opportunities, due diligence report and so on.

Tannet was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong and built long-term relationship with many clients from China, South America, EU and Africa to help them set up their own business or sub-department in Chinese speaking areas. Tannet has 38 worldwide fully owned companies in, for example, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and has over 3,000 cooperative institutions. Our services included: Market forecast, policy analysis, material collection, reporting writing, binding, one copy for each PDF & print version.

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